Flashback Friday September 28

Short & Sweet: this Flashback Friday might not be the most action-packed, but there sure has happened some interesting things during the past week. First we can proudly announce that all of our newly signed composer Ejnar Kanding’s works have been digitalised! Take a closer look at it here

Next, we would like to guide your attention to the prize handed out by the Danish Arts Foundation. It is a prize of kr. 50.000 given to the best work or concept for music for and with children. We suggest that all composers and sound artist explore their inner child and start experimenting. If this sounds interesting to you then read more about it here.

Intern Sandra Borch and Project Manager Kat Jarby attended an evening seminar at Pumpehuset music venue Wednesday hosted by Stupid Studio.  The seminar looked at Pumpehuset’s new online identity, the use of web films in general and the development of an alternative online event calendar. Very exciting stuff!

Furthermore Kat Jarby attended the KODA’s forum for music publishers yesterday.

The first half of the forum was about KODA’s new company structure and an introduction to the new CEO Anders Lassen and the second half focused on internationalisation, export of Danish music to Russia and the Russian culture in general.

Another update that we proudly want to share with you is the updated and rewritten biography of Simon Steen-Andersen.  It is exciting reading about one of the most talented Danish composers. 

So now our composer archive is bursting with great biographies where you can gain a lot of knowledge, get inspired and maybe loose track of time until next Friday.

Next week Christine Canals-Frau is going to Paris for two concerts; Simon Steen-Andersen’s History of my Instrument and the prestigious premiere of Rune Glerup’s Examples of Dust. Read all about it in next week’s Flashback Friday.

Read related post on Rune Glerup's Example of Dust here.

Have a great weekend!