From beauty to the beast with Jexper Holmen

He loves Xenakis and Autechre. He writes extremely loud, long and unworldly music. But he also reaches out for pure and plain beauty. The name is Jexper Holmen, and right now you can meet his distinguished sound poetry in the song ‘De dage’ (Those Days) by indie singer songwriter Julie Maria. Free to stream or even download at the ongoing mixing project ‘Mix To Verdener’ (Mix Two Worlds).

Or you could go and listen to the first performance April 28 in Aarhus of the newest concert piece ‘Miranda’ by Jexper Holmen. Miranda is the name of a completely distorted moon to the distant planet Uranos. Now it also is the name of a beasty saxophone concerto by Jexper Holmen, and you should check the score out in our catalogue.