Fuzzy turns 80 on February 23rd

Jens Wilhelm Pedersen, better known as Fuzzy, is a composer who is known and loved by young and old all over the country. On Saturday, February 23rd he celebrates his 80th birthday.

Photo: Lars Svankjær
Fuzzy has inspired, taught, surprised, pleased and amused several generations of music-loving Danes, and throughout his long life, he has made his wit and knowledge available as a TV host in children’s programmes, as an entertainer, communicator, and of course a composer.

Fuzzy's many-faceted oeuvre comprises music in all genres, including chamber music, electronic music, orchestral music, ballet and opera, music for theatre, film and TV. It is however first and foremost as a serious concert composer that he has made his impact throughout his long career and has won the respect he enjoys today. His classical training and thinking, together with a never-failing experimental and curious ear, form his fixed reference points. Fuzzy is a composer who freely romps through all genres — and always on those genres’ own terms.

Some of Fuzzy's music is published at Edition·S where his most recent works include several pieces for the series Educate·S aimed at children and young music school students, as well as a solo piece dedicated for the flutist in Copenhagen Phil.

On occasion of his 80th birthday, Fuzzy has - in collaboration with journalist Tore Leifer - written his memoirs about life as a musician and composer. The book 'Efterklang' is published by clemmerdu on February 28th.

Read more about the book here and read more about Fuzzy's works and projects here.