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Album with Gravgaard-Madsen arrangement shortlisted for P2 Music Award

The album 'Rued Langgaard - Music of the Abyss' is shortlisted for the P2 Music Award 2022. The jury points to the "hair-raising piano work 'Music of the Abyss' in Allan Gravgaard Madsen's colourful instrumentation for Esbjerg Ensemble."

The album was released by Dacapo Records in August 2021 featuring Esbjerg Ensemble and soprano Signe Asmussen. The liner notes by Esben Tange reads:

Music of the Abyss is amongst Rued Langgaard’s most expressive works; it is as if he sought to blow apart its instrumental movements from within, to overstep the physical possibilities of the piano. Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s transcription for the Esbjerg Ensemble’s members (wind quintet, percussion and string quartet) adds new dimensions to this inner tension.

The richly coloured exchanges between the wind instruments and the strings in the first movement emphasise the music’s flattering and attractive character, and in the strength of the xylophone, which according to Gravgaard Madsen can sound ‘ghostly, like dead bones that rustle’, a Gothic shiver can be felt to an even higher degree. The restless manic repetitions in the second movement have a more all-encompassing character because of the strengthened instrumental setting. As the musical space widens, so the music feels more claustrophobic: it is clear that an inextinguishable craziness of fire is burning in this music.

Watch album trailer for Rued Langgaard: Afgrundsmusic / Music of the Abyss

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P2 Prisen is the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s annual classical music award. The winners of P2 Prisen 2022 will be announced at an award show on 4 February 2022.