Great ‘AGONY’ reviews and new Tjørnhøj album

Line Tjørnhøj’s eating opera, which was performed in Aarhus 20-27 October, has received some great reviews and coverage in the media.

Line Tjørnhøj. Photo: Anders Bigum

In its 5-star review of the opera, the Danish daily Politiken calls ’AGONY’ a “crisp menu of pork, desperation and melancholic melodies”, while another Danish newspaper, Århus Stiftstidende, in a 4-star review calls it an “advanced and unusual experience”. In addition to these, the independent blog hands out six stars, describing ‘AGONY’ as a “battle involving meat, bodies and empowerment”.

Prior to the premiere, Line Tjørnhøj spoke to the magazines Seismograf, Fine Spind and Danwatch, whom she told, among other things, that ‘AGONY’ “is not about labelling men or women – it is about the structures of power which we are putting an end to”.

New album out now
In addition to the successful opera, Tjørnhøj, who was recently named one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious Carl Nielsen Prize, also plays a central role on a new album by the Danish vocal ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen and conductor Paul Hillier.

On ‘Crossing Borders’ (released on Dacapo Records) Ars Nova Copenhagen performs works by Niels W. Gade, Carl Nielsen, Vagn Holmboe, Wilhelm Stenhammar – and Line Tjørnhøj’s ‘Vox Reportage’ (2013-14), which is labelled the “main work of the album”.