Great album reviews for Winther Christensen

Christian Winther Christensen's album 'Almost in G' was released at the Austrian record label con legno on 15 February. The album contains 7 pieces performed by SCENATET, and the reviews are great.

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen

"Almost in G is clearly a major contribution to 21st
 century classical music." -

"A very interesting revelation." -

"...vivid, emotional, modern, luminous and filled with colourful contrasts and stunning surprises." -

The critics all agree, that Christian Winther Christensen's new album is well worth a listen. SCENATET has performed a number of works by Christian Winther Christensen over the years, and the critics praise the composer as well as the ensemble.

"There is an urgent originality at work here that absolutely sparkles next to less daring new classical recordings. Comparisons aside, it is a thrilling hour of compositions expertly performed by the SCENATET Ensemble for Art & Music," writes the blog baddpress. Read the full review here. calls Christian Winther Christensen a thoughtful and enigmatic composer "showing us the entire construction process in a manneristic fashion, and giving himself the time to invent and alchemically morph materials into other states of being to juxtapose them in a schematic and very interesting way." Read the full review from Toneshift here.

The album features the pieces 'Almost in G', 'Sextet', 'Chorale', 'String Trio', 'Nachtmusik', 'Being Apu Sarkar' and 'Four Hyper-Realistic Songs'

The album can be purchased at the website of the record label col legno, where you will also find an artist's note by Christian Winther Christensen and much more information. 
Find the album here.