Great Review of Me Quitte

The CD release of Niels Rønsholdt's "Me Quitte" receives a very positive review.

The Danish newspaper Information brings a review of the CD release of Niels Rønsholdt's song cycle "Me Quitte" praising it for its uncompromising and beautiful representation of the dark sides of love.

The critic writes: 
"Me Quitte is the bearer of a rare beauty. With the gibberish of inversion it speaks directly to the soul. Sends small grey arrows into the heart. Into solar plexus. It pierces our conception, and it leaves us both cleansed and confused."

Read the whole review in Danish.

"Me Quitte" was recorded by SCENATET, Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð and Niels Rønsholdt and was released at Dacapo Records in May 2016. Read more about the record, and buy the CD here.