Great reviews of Line Tjørnhøj's enTmenschT

Line Tjørnhøj's 'enTmenschT' was premiered by Theatre of Voices and Paul Hillier, and the critics call it serious, sophisticated and ambitious.

Photo: Anders Bigum

Line Tjørnhøj made her official debut as a composer from the soloist class at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus with the music theatre installation 'enTmenschT', and the work receives great reviews.

"Entmenscht is a serious - and seriously sophisticated - work. And it is simply beautiful to listen to the four vocalists in Theatre of Vocies. The fact that Tjørnhøj gets a capacity like the British conductor Paul Hillier to sing in her debut work is quite something. We listen to a music that mirrors the dissonance in the world and resonates with our anxiety and our hearts," writes the critic from Århus Stiftstidende and continues: 

"The work is an auditory shake, exploring the potential of sound to muster the resilience of and the attention to the challenges in our online and offline lives and the ubiquitous diagnosis culture"

The critic from Politiken writes: "The screams and moans from the singers made 'Entmenscht' into a concentrated, musical Maggi cube that isn't dissolved into easy, free flowing theatre [...] 'Entmenscht' presents itself as an ambitious and thoroughly thought trough composition with a clear intention. A music theatre installation pushing the buttons where it really hurts."

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