Great Reviews of Rune Glerup’s Symphony

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra premiered Rune Glerup’s “Symphony” on 3 November, and the work received great reviews.

The critic from Politiken reflected on the weight of tradition, when a young composer gives a new work the title “Symphony”:

“Rune Glerup, who is in his mid 30’s and a thoughtful composer, manages in his new 30 minute piece to both break the rules of tradition and put it back together again.”

He continues:

“From the melodically on point ‘Introduction’ to the final ‘Reprise’ you could enjoy a sonorously beautiful work from the hands of a composer who truly knows how to write for an orchestra.“

The critic from Berlingske pointed out the sense of dedication you get from the work of Glerup:

“Some composers have not always felt their own music to be absolutely essential. Rune Glerup seems differently sincere and insisting in his new symphony. He wants the hushed clouds of sound and the poetry of the clarinet. He has something to say. “

The concert was broadcast live at DR P2 and can be heard here

Read the full reviews below (In Danish).