Great reviews of Stauning's 'Liminality'

Martin Stauning's orchestra work, which was premiered by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra 13 May, received great reviews.

The critic from Weekendavisen praises the work: You carry 'Liminality' with you, sparkling in your mind, because that is the intention of the composer. He has created an orchestra work that with its title evokes limits, possibilities, stands quivering on the threshold [...] With Martin Stauning's 'Liminality' you have been given a specular silver ribbon to follow, glittering in the privacy of the mind until you once again in a favourable moment will experience it surrounded by other people in a concert hall.

The critic from Politiken was very happy about the work as well, he wrote: "Stauning is obviously a great talent as a composer who has an impressive grip on the large symphony orchestra. And as an artist he has the ambition and ideas to create poetic music that touches the listener in new, different ways."

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