Greta Eacott featured on album by Damkapellet

Greta Eacott's 'Gestalt Minimal III' is featured on the debut album of the music collective Damkapellet released today.

Gestalt Minimal III was composed for Damkapellet in 2020, and is a part of a larger suite of instrumental works entitled Gestalt Minimal; the love songs, composed by Eacott between 2016 and 2021.

There is a minimal and irrational approach to pitch in the piece with the score instructing players to perform ‘a little higher’ or ‘a little lower’ than the indicated pitch (In this case, an F# or G) creating at times a dense and dystopian musical landscape.

Rhythmically, the work is constructed without the use of a conventional metric ‘backbone’ or unifying pulse. Instead, each player’s part and the larger structure of the work is built simply in relation to the other players’ actions and a basic timeline of events.

These compositional elements contribute to the overall feeling of the work, which is simultaneously forward-moving and highly structured but without ever resting upon a solid foundation. Although the overall aesthetic might be considered as ‘dark’, this is (as the title suggests) a love song–albeit one which perhaps conveys an alternative perspective on romance and sensuality.

Damkapellet is a music collective formed in 2016 to bring diversity to the Danish music scene by highlighting and performing music by artists who define themselves as women, non-binary or transgender. Demiurge, the collective’s debut album, presents Damkapellet’s unique approach to music-making with a carefully selected programme that provides gentle lyricism and bold creative outbursts in equal measure.

The album is released by Dacapo Records. Find more information and listen to the album here.

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