Gudrun Lund · Obituary

Composer Gudrun Lund passed away 14 January 2020, 89 years old.

Gudrun Lund (b. 1930) began composing at the age of 45. Although she began her career later than most, her catalogue counts 151 pieces, four of which are published by Edition·S. Gudrun Lund worked at a seminar in Copenhagen as she began composing, on which she said: “I am a workaholic (arbejdsnørd), I have to be up and running all the time, and that went alright”.

With a master degree in musicology, a degree in music pedagogy, and 10 years of experience as a piano teacher, teacher in modern music, and music performances for children, contemporary music was no stranger to her. Her first piece was a piano trio for her son and two of his friends, which turned out successfully, and so she continued. 

She was a very thorough composer. Following the discovery of her ability to compose, she was overly systematic. She approach the musical technique logically and continually sought after new challenges in her choices of instruments, genres, and styles. 

Her teacher Svend S. Schultz taught her to carefully investigate the possibilities and limitations of the instrument when writing for a new one. "Which is why many musicians have been pleased with my works because they are well fitted for the instrument,” the composer said to Komponistdatabasen.

Although rejected by competitions, several musicians wanted to perform her pieces. In general, Lund did not experience a platform for her music in Denmark. In regards to this, she said: “When asked why I am not famous in Denmark I usually answer that I might not have been young and promising at the same time”. For example, the Danish Committee for Nordic Music Days 1991 rejected her piece Sounds in the Park, whereas the Finnish Committee approved. Thus, Gudrun Lund curated several concerts herself. 

After living in the USA for ten years, Gudrun Lund created a platform for her music there, which affected her musical approach and way of thinking. She developed a connection to the American music life and some of her works are published there. 

Gudrun Lund was buried 25 January in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

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Works at Edition·S

Chase (1985) · Symphony Orchestra

Walking Along (1984) · Symphony Orchestra and solo

Con Anima (1983) · For flute, viola, violin, and vocal

Five Boys I Know (1987) · Bass trombone solo