Gunnar Berg goes to China

Today, Wednesday October 24, 2012, the ensemble named after the great composer Gunnar Berg travels to China and Taiwan with a tremendous programme.

Gunnar Berg Ensemble Salzburg got its name in 2008 after founder and composer Karl Ager heard Gunnar Berg’s music for the first time. Berg visited Salzburg several times during his career as a composer (in 1932, 1935 and 1950). After studying a few of Berg’s scores Klaus Ager decided not only to programme Berg’s music in the series of concerts with contemporary music Musik Im Museum at the Salzburg Museum Neue Residenz, he also decided to found a new ensemble Gunnar Berg Ensemble Salzburg – with flute, clarinet, violin, cello and guitar as the instrumental core.

After great success in Europe the ensemble now travels to China and Taiwan with Gunnar Berg on the programme once again. In addition to Berg, Deqing Wen, who visited Denmark and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art in June 2012 is being performed.

The programme includes:
Klaus Ager’s Skrjabin Fragmente I (2009), Skrjabin Fragmente II, Skrjabin Fragmente V
Deqing Wen’s Ji I (1992) 
Gunnar Berg’s Suite pour Violoncelle seul (1950)
Hwuang-Long Pan’s Labyrinth-Promenade (1992-7)
Agustín Castilla-Àvila’s Landschaft am See mit Kometen (2010) 
Toru Takemitsu’s Towards the Sea (1981)
Andor Losconzy’s Growth Structures 

The ensemble visits three places on their journey:
October 25: the Beijing Concervatory, China
October 30: Shanghai Conservatory, China
November 4: the Tainan Conservatory, Taiwan