Gunnar Berg in the spotlight


"Almost forgotten" composer Gunnar Berg has received a number of performances recently – amongst them a concert by Steffen Schleiermacher at the Chiffren Bienalle

One owes the informative concert programming of the Bienalle and its artistic director much respect, since Sunday’s opening concert placed the “older” part of new music at the center – once again with an “outsider”. The pianist Steffen Schleiermacher presented the serial cosmos of the, unrightly so, almost forgotten Danish composer Gunnar Berg with virtuosity and humor. Cross-references to works by Messiaen and Cage that had an important influence on Berg's serialism made ​​it clear that this strictly mathematical form of composition nevertheless doesn’t completely do away with the emotional coordinates of music – even if in the form of an ironic and humorous deconstruction of itself. — Kieler Nachrichten

Videos of Steffen's performances can be viewed here. There's also a video of a beautiful performance of Gaffky's 2 by the Bulgarian pianist Galya Kolarova at the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg: