Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm Album Release

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm has released the album The Seasons featuring six works recorded by various Danish and international ensembles and soloists.

The new album includes the works Cycle III (The Seasons) (2016), Orion (2015), Nocturnos de la Ventana (2018), Strygekvartet nr. 7 ((0)) (2017), Ainola (2014) and Neowise (2020).

In the liner notes, the Danish music journalist and editor, Thomas 
Michelsen writes: "Life here on Earth is cyclical, and we humans are not as significant as we think we are. These are some of the insights that have inspired Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm in composing the six works on this album." 

About String Quartet no. 7, Michelsen writes: "The expression is intense. The compacted element of the music's character heats it up, so to say, so that, like glass, it can be drawn out into strands. Magically, these fine threads rise up into the air, and begin to float."

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