Huddersfield Interviews & Reviews

The British got to know a new generation in Danish experimental music when Simon Steen-Andersen, Jexper Holmen, Niels Rønsholdt and a bunch of other Danish artists captured The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival a couple of weeks ago.

Edition S were on the spot and grapped a series of short interviews with some of the festival key persons, which you can hear on our SoundCloud profile. The Danish art music also made the English reviewers turn out. Ivan Hewett from The Telegraph couldn't get enough of Simon Steen-Andersen and asamisimasa who were ”... breathtakingly inventive, and over too soon”, as he puts it. Same man was hit by Jexper Holmen's Marula and it's ”deliberately crude, electronically distorted chords”. We have collected some links to the online reviews:

Jexper Holmen and Marula's "deliberately crude, electronically distorted chords"

"... breathtakingly inventive, and over too soon." The Telegraph about Simon Steen-Andersen and asamisimasa's performance November 26 at HCMF where he also did the special Wundergrund version of his Run Time Error performance. Read about Simon Steen-Andersen's On&Off concert here

”Instead of accepting a conception of music, which has been determined by the market or the tradition, we should move on and touch the audience in new ways” (Niels Rønsholdt in Kristeligt Dagblad)

Photo: SCENATET, Finn Thybo Andersen