Indra Rise works released by Dacapo Records

From the ARCHIVE: Indra Rise was the first woman to complete an education in composition in Denmark. One can experience her work, which has been named ‘Music in exile’, on an album by Dacapo Records.

Indra Rise

Latvian born composer and pianist Indra Rise was the first woman to complete an education in composition in Denmark. Her work is called ‘Music in exile’ as it unfolds in a field amongst the international and modernistic with roots in Latvian culture, nature, and tradition. Her work consists maily of chamber music which one can hear on the new release by Dacapo Records, titled The Return after one of Rise’s pieces. Rise’s works Pictures of Childhood, the piano piece Three Coloured Stories, and the saxophone solo piece Out of the Darkness are amongst the pieces one can hear on the album.

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