Interview · Allan Gravgaard Madsen

In the fall of 2020 we did a short interview with Allan Gravgaard Madsen. He talks about his wish to get to know the musicians he writes music for, about his fascination with various instruments sounding alike, and his ambition to make people stop in their tracks and just listen.

"I definitely prefer writing for specific musicians. When I write a piece for someone, part of the work is getting to know them. I need to meet them a few times. I don’t just sit at home writing something, hand it to them and say: Great – see you at the concert. I want to get to know them. I want to find out, what their raison d’être is – their purpose of being here in this world – both as humans and musicians. What turns them on, musically? It might be a pianist who just loves the resonance in a piano. Engagement in another person really fascinates me, and enthusiasm – but also the opposite. When there is something like: I don’t like this – it sounds too empty – that fascinates me." - Allan Gravgaard Madsen

The interview was recorded during KLANG festival 2020 and includes excerpts from 'SUITE' performed by Ensemble Recherche.

The entire concert also featuring Morten Riis recomposing SUITE is available below.