Interview · Fuzzy · Underjordiske klange of tilstande

Earlier this year, Fuzzy turned 80 years, on Monday, his new work 'Underjordiske klange og tilstande' is world premiering, and on occasion, Seismograf Magazine conducted an interview about the composer and his new piece.

Fuzzy · Photo by Lars Svankjær

As Seismograf Magazine visited Fuzzy in for an interview, the composer revealed insights of his work and new composition Underground tones and states (Underjordiske klange og tilstande), world premiering Monday 7 October in the former water reserves Cisternerne in Copenhagen. 

In the interview, Fuzzy elaborated on the inspiration for Underground tones and states where the sound of water was key. 

“I listened to a pile of water and used some of my old techniques transposing up and down. Today, this process is digital and significantly more simple than before, but I often think that the old way of doing it made the result sound better." 

Underground tones and states is tailored for the venue. Beforehand, Cisternerne was the water reserves of Copenhagen, which gives them a unique atmosphere with a humidity of almost 100% and a reverberation of 18 seconds. But these unique features are also a challenge. Fuzzy elaborates: 

“The long reverberation causes an inability for you to immediately sing or play several notes after one another without creating a tonale chaos. It is almost like a child hammering on a piano while holding down the sustain pedal. But is offers other opportunities which I find inspiring." 

I preparation, the acoustician Golam Sadeghnia designed a digital plug-in simulating the reverb in Cisternerne enabling Fuzzy to work with the hall in his studio at home.

“Of course I have taken the long reverberation into consideration, but at the same time, I can't deliver a piece where only one note is played every 18th second. That won't do. I can easily imagine this constraint ending up in an exiting piece of music, but in this case, these musicians are some of the finest musicians in the country, whom I won't serve three notes and a chord. This is also the case for the audience, of course."

Read the interview in Danish here

Underjordiske klange og tilstande will be released on Edition·S · Check out Fuzzy's other publications on Edition·S here