Interview · Jesper Koch

The first recording of Jesper Koch's suite for a capella choir, Korbogen, was released last week. We spoke with the composer about the inspiration and challenges.

Jesper Koch’s Korbogen is recorded by the Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Flemming Windekilde and released at Dacapo Records.

It is a suite for a capella choir in seven chapters, each with its own title and distinctive identity. The pieces have been written over the course of seven years (2012-2016) to poems by Frank Kjørup and are strongly influenced by the Danish-Nordic choral tradition.

Find the individual scores for all seven chapters of Korbogen:
Birkebark (2012)
...og her til vinter nu (2013)
Epidemi af mørke (2014)
Vingeslag af vægge (2015)
Fem somre (2015)
Galakseflager (2015)
Imellem to blikke (2016)