James Black at UNM

James Black will take the stage at UNM festival as the soloist in his own piece RAUS.

James Black performing 'RAUS' at Klang festival 2017. Photo: Dennis Lehmann

UNM festival is an annual festival presenting the young generation of Nordic composers. The festival alternates between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland and in 2018 the festival takes place in Bergen, Norway 28 August - 1 September.

James Black's 'RAUS' (2017) was premiered by Athelas Sinfonietta at Klang Festival 2017, and the composer himself plays a central role as singer and performer in what he calls an autobiographical piece. At the website of UNM, the composer writes about his works as a composer in general: 

"I write music to communicate with people. If I was not a composer, I think I would be a writer. For me, music is the best tool I have to speak my mind precisely because of its non-specificity. I am trying to find a balance between communicating directly without room for misunderstanding on one hand, and creating something abstract and unknowable on the other. I also think it is important to do things without knowing why you are doing them. That can come later."

 The Norwegian ensemble BIT20 will join James Black in 'RAUS' at the performance in Bergen.

 Read through the score and listen to a recording of the premiere of 'RAUS' here.

Saturday 1 September 18:00
Grieghallen, Bergen
BIT20 Ensemble and James Black
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