Jeppe Ernst World Premiere

Jeppe Ernst’s 'Sakramente (Natsange)' will be premiered on Monday 31 May at KLANG festival. Jeppe Ernst is known for his often silent pieces, and in this new work he composes for physical and non-physical touch, with three male and one female performer.

KLANG Festival spoke with Jeppe Ernst about his new work, and we bring an excerpt. Find the entire interview in Danish here >> 

“In general, I am very interested in power structures. Since the piece is written for what I call ‘non-physical touch and physical touch the piece will automatically revolve around the relation between distance and intimacy. As you know, the non-physical contact can hold just as much power and control as the physical,” Jeppe Ernst explains about the piece.

“Non-physical touch might best be described as touching a body that is not physically present in front of the musician; it is the individual musician's imagination of a body in front of him. The first and last part of the piece (the non-physical touch) focus on the woman's position in relation to the three men around her: Who stands in front of her, who stands behind her, who is she looking at and who is looking at her?"

“Physical touch, the ‘regular’ touch is explored in the middle part of the work where I am very interested in the anatomy of the hand and the varying power action of touch. The hand can be the most gentle medium of affection and at the same time, it can be a murder weapon."

Jeppe Ernst: Sakramente (Natsange)
Premiered by Erica Giacoletto, Kalle Hakosalo, Matias Seibæk & Tomek Szczepaniak
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen (DK)
Monday 31 May, 22:00
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