Jexper Holmen Portrait Concert

Next week the always-innovative composer Jexper Holmen will be honored at his very own portrait concert.

The concert is held at the idyllic Nivaagaard in Nivå, Denmark and the programme includes the premiere of Jexper’s guitar work Sabi and a new version of his music box symphony Lullabies from 2009.

As assistants Jexper brings soprano Signe Asmussen Manuitt, accordionist Frode Andersen, guitarist Jexper Lützhøft and sound engineer Ejnar Kanding.

Into Your Mind (1999) for soprano, guitar and ring modulator
Prefer (2000) for accordion and ring modulator
XP (2003) for soprano and tape
Sabi (2012) for reinforced steel string guitar (premiere)
Scarlet (2004) for reinforced accordion
Lullabies (2009/2012) for old music boxes, defect accordions and granular sampler