John Tchicai (1936-2012)

The legendary jazz saxophonist and composer John Tchicai passed away late last night after months of fighting a stroke.

In June 2012 John Tchicai collapsed in Barcelona Airport and was rushed to a local hospital. He was then transferred to a hospital in Perpignan near his home in France where he stayed until his death.

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art had the pleasure of publishing six of John’s works:

John Tchicai: En nutidig pinsemesse (2010)
John Tchicai: Spejlblanke hav (2007)
John Tchicai: I don't want to loose you, mom (1999)
John Tchicai: Forwards and Backwards (1990)
John Tchicai: Disturbances on the Fish Scale (1989)
John Tchicai: Sats for Orkester (1988)

John Tchicai will be missed and never forgotten!

About John Tchicai:

By approaching jazz from a wide scope, Afro-Danish-American John Tchicai has been continuously progressive throughout his life. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1936, of a Danish mother and a Congolese father and growing up in healthy surroundings, John Martin Tchicai became a leading exponent of the jazz avant-garde in New York in the '60s and a father-figure for the European avant-garde after that. Based in Claira, France, by a single-mindedness of purpose and action, his works reflect what he's always been doing, which is innovate and inspire other people, in a most refreshing way. The Danish ministry of Culture recognized his work by awarding him a lifetime grant.

John's compositional activity has always had a high priority in his work, as he strived to reach a balance between composition and improvisation. The music of other cultures (African, Oriental, etc.) has been a continuous inspiration, and John's work has a highly rhythmic and poetic melodic-lyrical quality. He composes for his own ensembles, but also on commissions for other jazz and/or classically trained ensembles: a.o. for wind-orchestra, for three celli + jazz quartet, for strings- and winds double quintet, for percussion ensemble and for symphony orchestra.

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