Juliana Hodkinson: Ready for ecstasy - World premiere

Juliana Hodkinson's new work Ready for Ecstasy is premiered at ECLAT festival on 4 February. Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s poems about the female body in the biological and emotional cycle of life reveal our involvement in universal questions and processes of human coexistence. Juliana Hodkinson translates the image into a hyper-polyphonic electroacoustic sound narrative charged with ambient drones that literally spins around the audience and the performer.

Ready for Ecstasy is based on Danish author Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s extended poem My Jewel Box. A flood of vocal articulations celebrates the possibilities, and mourns the limitations, of our umbilical relation to both natural life-giving forces and late capitalism, mediated through the female experience of body and relations. The female organ is placed centrally as a variously fertile or empty container, an infrastructure in the larger system between mother and child.  

Ready for Ecstasy is performed by Truike van der Poel, accompanied by the voices of Neue Vocalsolisten, giving voice to the female position at the centre of channels of production and reproduction, redundancy and social capital, in constant contact with life’s extremes. The audience becomes implicated in unfolding a stream of associations, in which politics and affect are under negotiation within personal, social and creative action zones. 

The Danish artist Sophia Kalkau has created the visual images and costume for the piece, and Ready for Ecstasy is the second collaboration between Juliana Hodkinson, Ursula Andkjær Olsen and Sophia Kalkau. Their first collaboration is the photographic/sound installation On/Off (2019), which is presented in the Edition·S catalogue here. 

Time and place

Ready for Ecstasy is performed at ECLAT festival in Theaterhaus Stuttgart Friday 4 February at 15:00 and 23:00 and the performance is live streamed at 20:00. 

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