Kanding premiere in Copenhagen

Following the new music collective TRANSIT’s premiere of Ejnar Kanding’s Texture 1 in New York City earlier this year, the TRANSIT DUO now comes to Copenhagen to give the first performance of his Mosaico 1 on October 11 at the LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen.

Forming part of an innovative and exciting 3-hour continuous concert – where the audience can come and go as they please – combining both Danish and American works, Kanding’s new composition for cello, piano and live electronics is the first in an on-going series of pieces which performed together can be taken as a whole. The composer speaks of music where ‘ambient, static and gradual change are explored. The focus is the many details of the texture, together with the mosaic as the formal idea.’

The second piece in the series, Obscure Transparence, will receive its world premiere by the Jack Quartet in Copenhagen later this year.