KLANG festival 2021

KLANG festival 2021 takes place 27 May to 7 June and once again kicks off the Danish summer with new music. A look at the programme reveals improvisational experiments, musical brain-freeze and a portrayal of the female Christ.

Bara Gísladóttir · 28 May

Last year, Bára Gísladóttir released her solo album HĪBER, and now the music will be performed live for the first time. HĪBER is a piece for double bass and electronics in eight movements, and Gísladóttir has described it as a sonic portrait of a "winter lasting longer than a single season."

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Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen & Laura Toxværd · 28 May

When the composer lets go of the complete control of the music, the musician instead can take creative ownership of the piece. That is the main idea behind the open musical forms, which are in focus at this concert.

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's Colours and Contexts from 2007 will be premiered and so will a new piece by Laura Toxværd. Both composers are represented with several improvisational pieces in the Edition·S catalogue.

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Li-Ying Wu · 29 May

Li-Ying Wu plays a trick on the senses of the audience in the piece The truth and other lies - Shinkiro. What exactly is the pianist playing? What is the real sound, and what is it that we hear?

The piece will be premiered by the pianist Rei Nakamura in a concert combining piano, electronics and video.

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Lars Kynde · 30 May

Lars Kynde often builds his own instruments and musical installations as a part of his compositional process. In the piece Fanatisk Fantasi, he has however taken his point of departure in the instrumentarium of the musicologist Eva Fock.

The piece will be performed by 1. g from Aurehøj Gymnaisum.

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Jeppe Ernst · 31 May

There is always something fundamental at stake in the work of Jeppe Ernst and many of his works are basically silent. That is also the case with Sakramente (Natsange), which will be premiered at KLANG festival. 

Ernst is fascinated by religious rituals which is evident in this piece portraying the female Christ. The piece is written for physical and imagined touch. 

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Bára Gísladóttir · 2 June

In the piece Rage Against Reply GuyBára Gísladóttir lets the various characteristics of the ensemble come together as an organism of a fragile material. Much along the lines of "mixing black oil and rusty metal to generate a brain freeze (but in a more tingling way)" as the composer herself puts it. 

The piece will be premiered by the UK-based Distractfold Ensemble.

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