KLANG Festival, Copenhagen

KLANG Festival takes place in Copenhagen starting Friday the 29th of May. The week long programme focuses on newly composed music by both young and more established composers.

On the opening day the Athelas Sinfonietta will perform the Danish premiere of Nicolai Worsaae's sinfonietta piece Kuro ton'neru.

On the following day, 30 May, Worsaae's REPLICATION #2 along with Steingrimur Rohloff's Light Blue to Dark Blue will be given their world premieres.

On 31 May the German Ensemble Chiffren perform Simon Steen-Andersen’s In Spite Of, And Maybe Even Therefore and Matthias Ronnefeld’s Christ ist erstanden. The latter in an orchestrated version by German composer Johannes Harneit.

On 1 June Martin Stauning’s Verdorrte Räume will be given its world premiere.

On the last day of the festival, 4 June, you can experience Simon Steen-Andersen’s Difficulties Putting It Into Practice performed by the French Soundinitiative.

The full programme can be found on Klang's website.