KLANG Festival Programme Released

Today KLANG Festival released the official programme and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is well represented.

On March 15 the annual festival for contemporary music announced that they changed name to KLANG – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival and promised to be ”a treat for both the classical connoisseurs as well as curious culture lovers”. This happened after the festival last year announced that the two Editon·S composers Rune Glerup and Christian Winther Christensen were assigned as Artistic Directors. Today they released the long-awaited programme and four Edition·S composers are on it.

Lars Kynde will perform his Elephant Heart on the opening night and during the festival three other works by Kynde are premiered. All of them are performed on the “composition machine” called Wandelende Tak, which is controlled by three players: “Tempo”, “Rhythm” and “Pitch”.

Nicolai Worsaae and Jexper Holmen also have new works premiering at the festival. The prestigious ensemble recherche performs the former and Jexper Holmen and accordionist Frode Andersen perform the latter together with local amateur musicians.

Last, but not least, the renowned composer Simon Steen-Andersen’s work Study for String Instrument #1 will also be performed by ensemble recherche at the concert Monday night.

See the full festival programme here.

The festival runs from May 25 to June 1, 2013 at Theatre Republique in Copenhagen.