Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with Royal Opera House

For the first time ever it will be possible to experience the grandness of the opera on your Smartphone or tablet. The artist duo Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with the prestigious Royal Opera House in London to make this happen.

During this autumn Klejs & Rønsholdt works on developing a prototype version of the app opera Breathless Moment at Covent Garden, Danish Radio, and Aarhus University. The prototype will launch in December 2012, and the goal is to gather technical and dramaturgical experience for the development of the full version.

The duo – media artist Signe Klejs and composer Niels Rønsholdt – is known for creating interactive installations and performances that draw in the spectator and impact the audience in the highest possible way. They have experimented with the opera genre and its form for many years and with help from new technology they have managed to challenge the traditional surroundings of the opera. The opera Breathless Moment will be yet another step forward for Klejs & Rønsholdt.

The application opera is developed in partnership with Royal Opera House in London, Danish Vocal Ensemble, The Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction (CAVI) and the Danish music publisher Edition·S – music¬sound¬art.