Klejs & Rønsholdt to Shanghai

From October 1 to October 3 the musical drama Looking for Courage will be performed in Shanghai.

The performance, which has the subtitle “A Show About Rediscovering Courage”, has been brought to life as an interdisciplinary artistic collaboration counting, among others, the director Charlotte Munksø, the writer Camilla Hübbe and Klejs & Rønsholdt.

“Looking for Courage” works thematically with oppositions such as East and West, presence and past, and reality and fiction. In the same way the team behind the show is made up of artists coming from highly different backgrounds. An experienced mezzo-soprano is put opposite a young, untrained throat singer, while Niels Rønsholdt is placed in a creative conflict with the former punk musician Feng Jiangzhou.

The artistic process is documented in 18 short videos accessible on this YouTube-channel.