Kunsten.nu Writes About Breathless Moment


Yesterday, Thursday March 14, 2013 the Danish art website Kunsten.nu published an article about Klejs & Rønsholdt’s app-opera Breathless Moment.

The article looks at Breathless Moment as an innovative art piece as well as a tangible way for opera audiences and tablets users to connect with the art.

Journalist Pernille Krogh writes:
“In a way, it is not only the art that is more available for the audience, but also the audience that is more available for the artist, when you open up for a new art scene such as the iPad.”

The article unfolds the more technical aspects of the app-opera and explores the thoughts behind the piece. It looks at the way the app gives more freedom and possibilities to the audiences, how it interacts with them, and the fact that it is a “homeless” piece of art that is difficult to place in a specific category.

All in all, it is a very positive and thorough article.

Read the entire interview here (in Danish).