Langgaard Festival 2013

In one week the annual festival dedicated entirely to Rued Langgaard, Langgaard Festival, takes place in Ribe, Denmark.

The focus in 2013 for the annual Rued Langgaard Festival in and around Ribe Cathedral is on the musical connections between Wagner and Langgaard. Both composers attempted through their music to access a partly hidden spiritual world. In the case of Langgaard this leads to the fact that he, only 14-15 years old, composed the enormous Symphony no. 1 Klippepastoraler (1908-11), which is highly inspired by Wagner and where we follow human kind’s pursuit of finding new life courage at the top of a mountain.

Central to the festival are performances of music theatre or greater orchestra works by Rued Langgaard and related composers mainly from the 19th and 20th century, preferably from the symbolic era around 1900. But also chamber music, choir concerts and organ recitals play an important role. Through visual staging developed in collaboration with Ribe Cathedral’s architecture, the music and its idea content are communicated in an experimenting, contemporary way. And via lectures, artist meetings, musical happenings, film etc. the music is put into a new perspective.

At this year’s festival eight of Langgaard’s works published at Edition·S are performed:
6/9 at 8 pm: Symfoni nr. 1. Klippepastoraler (1908-11)
Performed by Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester
7/9 at 11 am: In ténebras exteriores (1947)
Performed by Philip Schmidt-Madsen
7/9 at 7 pm: Nemo contra deum nisi deus ipse (1933)
Dantes "Helvede" (1951)
Performed by Birgitte Ebert
8/9 at 3 pm: Rosengaardsspil (1918)
String Quartet in Ab Major (1918)
Italiensk Scherzo (1950)
String Quartet no. 5 (1925)
Performed by Nightingale String Quartet