Lars Kynde 40 years today

Lars Kynde is a composer and sound artist that delights in creating the instruments on which his compositions are played - in fact in many of his works these two aspects of music-making are not so easily separated. Today, 3 November, the imaginative composer turns 40.

Lars Kynde’s works often focus on the mutual influence of the music, the instrument and the notation system. By building physical sculptures, mechanical machines and three-dimensional scores he seeks new ways of constructing and comprehending musical structures. The instruments contain a duality that enables them to be presented both as instillations on exhibitions and as instruments in concerts.

One of Kynde’s noteworthy works is Tasteful Turntable a sensuous performance that explores different aspects of synesthesia through music and gastronomy. The piece is composed by Lars Kynde and his brother Nikolaj Kynde. The performance takes place around a slowly rotating dining table. Small dishes containing only one bite each are carefully positioned on the table, and four guests wearing headphones are seated around it. As the table slowly turns, the guests taste the flavors and listen to a synchronized music composition coherent with the position of the foods and their tastes. For the composer, the tastes are used side by side with the sounds in the score. For the chef, the sounds are used to flavour the other ingredients

Current projects in Kynde’s calendar include a collaboration with The Feedback Musicianship Network who invited him to explore the compositional potential of their feedback instruments. The result of this exploration – a number of etudes composed for various feedback ensembles will be presented at a concert on 12 May in Sussex, UK.

In recent years Lars Kynde has facilitated workshops for children, teaching instrument building and composition, and a large project in the making will also be developed in close collaboration with a group of participating children. Together with puppet builder Gertrud Exner, Lars Kynde is working on a puppet-machine-object-instrument-opera. The opera will be premiered by 8 children and 4 musicians at KLANG Festival 2023. 

Lars Kynde started playing cello and percussion as a child and has played ever since. After he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen as a composer, he moved to the Netherlands to explore his interests in the relationship between music and visual art. To broaden his knowledge about visual art, he pursued a degree in ArtScience, a two-year interdisciplinary master programme, at the Royal Academy of Art in Hague. After a number of years living in The Netherlands, he is currently once again based in Copenhagen. He has performed and exhibited extensively abroad, including in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia and most of Europe.