Lars Kynde performs in Japan!

Lars Kynde is premiering a new computer motorized version of his performance piece Wandelende Tak at Tokyo Experimental Festival in Japan February 23-26. Wandelende Tak is composed in four movements, which will be performed over the four days by Toshie Takeuchi, Lasse Piasecki and Lars Kynde himself. 

Wandelende Tak functions both as an instrument and a musical score. The conveyer belt is designed by a colour system that performs as the score, where the belt transports small marbles as moving notes. At the end of the belt, the marbles fall down and hit the tuned metal tubes; Diiing! The metal tubes are hung in the construction of Tubephone Champignon

Each piece is around 15 minutes long and will be played by three performers; Ms. Tempo (Toshie Takeuchi), Mr. Rhythm (Lasse Piasecki) and Mr. Pitch (Lars Kynde). Ms. Tempo conducts the tempo by rolling the belt, Mr. Rhythm installs the marbles on the belt according to the rhythmical patterns of the colour system, and Mr. Pitch turns the Tubephone Champignon in order to get the marbles to hit the 20 tubes and that way create different pitches.

Kynde often collaborates with artists in other fields to create a broader range of musical experience and has performed and exhibited widely abroad. This is his first performance in Japan.

 Performance Timetable:

 Wednesday February 23, 2011 – Overture: Elephant Heart

 Thursday February 24, 2011 – Second Movement: Blooming Ghost

 Friday February 25, 2011 – Third Movement: Eternal Fall

 Saturday February 26, 2011 – Finale: InterRail