Lars Kynde plays with puppets

A puppeteer and a composer collaborate in creating a new version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which audiences of all ages have the opportunity to experience this summer.

Puppeteer Adam Walny and composer Lars Kynde have together transformed the well-know story about Hamlet and created a very special universe. Opus Hamlet spellbinds its audience with its musical universe. Everything is turned upside down when objects and instruments take over the characters and perform Opus Hamlet in the form of a musical drama, without words. There are no language barriers, only the sound of rattling, clinking and clattering as the puppets and the music interpret the famous story about the Danish court, friendships, life and death in a symphony of sounds. The action in Opus Hamlet is set in the puppet maker’s workshop in the borderland between objects and musical theatre.

Walny and Kynde have in collaboration created the characters of the play as a cross between musical instruments and puppets. This way musical instruments are anthropomorphized into subjectified characters and each puppet has a different voice created by the sounds from the material they are made of.

Opus Hamlet is a part of a recurring event called Shakespeare Puppets at Hamlets Castle that will present the best and most fantastic puppet theatre from all over the world.

Dates of Performances: June 16 - July
Time of Performances: Tuesday – Sunday at 10.30 am and 1.30
Duration: 30 minutes 

Can be purchased in advance at
Tel. +45 7020 2096