Leif Kayser 100 years

Leif Kayser would have turned 100 on 13 June, 2019. This is celebrated throughout the year with new publications, concerts, articles and much more.

Photo: Werner Meyer
Leif Kayser (1919–2001) was one of Denmark’s most productive composers in the 20th century, especially of organ and church music. He personally published and sold most of his works in elegantly calligraphed editions. It has been difficult to get hold of his music after his death, and individual works from Kayser’s later years have only existed as photocopies. In 2016, a group of organists took the initiative for a new edition of Kayser’s organ music, which has now been published by Edition·S on the occasion of the composer's 100th birthday.

Find our list of recently published works for solo organ and more here. 

DOKS, The Danish Society of Organists and Cantors, published an issue of their members' magazine focusing on Kayser. Read it here. (in Danish)

The website lists performances of works by Leif Kayser here.

On the occasion of the birthday, Dacapo Records offers a 50% discounts on all releases featuring works by Leif Kayser. Find the campaign here.