Leif Kayser Organ Works reviewed

"The release has character - the highest-rated character!" In the September issue of, Henrik Strøm praises Leif Kayser works released by Edition·S

Photo of Leif Kayser by Werner Meyer around 1985

In their monthly magazine, the union for organists praises Leif Kayser's Organ Works Forspil og salmesatser, Bind I–III (1968-1996). The issue is edited by Jørgen Ellegård Frederiksen as a part of a series of 15 volumes of Leif Kayser works, Edition·S released at the beginning of 2019.

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"Although Leif Kayser did not have a tenure as an organist and the liturgical play, therefore, was not naturally a part of his job, the composer possessed a fantastic sympathetic insight to the songs of the congregation and choral works." Henrik Strøm writes. 

He elaborates "The preludes are well thought of and very well functioning," he describes the melodies in the psalm settings as original and writes, "Kayser had an amazing intuition for the harmonic aspect".

Above all, the issues of Kayser's organ works Forspil og salmesatser, Bind I–III (1968-1996) is well received by who rates the works with the highest-rated character! 

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