Line Tjørnhøj · Portrait Concert

A portrait concert on 12 September gives an insight into the musical and dramatic universe of Line Tjørnhøj.

Line Tjørnhøj has made her mark as an important voice on the contemporary music scene, and on 12 September a large number of her works will be performed at a portrait concert.

When Line Tjørnhøj received the prestigious Carl Nielsen Prize, the committee stated:

"Line Tjørnhøj often deals with themes that are unfamiliar in the contemporary music scene. She creates deeply expressive music for tense moral and social dilemmas, thereby giving a voice to tabooed people and subjects. Her projects, spanning cultural and musical borders, have brought about international collaborations, which is reflected in the music itself."

Tjørnhøj's works are created through unique artistic processes and in networks dealing not only with the artistic and documentary aspects but also including collaborations with micro-companies in areas like sustainable food, design, event, software development and empowerment; ie teenagers in the piece PORTRAIT and women in Jordan in the works DUST & AGONY

Tjørnhøj's works are based on the belief that contemporary art possesses the power to change people and societies in a positive direction. Inclusion is an integral part of the production process as well as the artistic experience. It is pivotal for Tjørnhøj to establish collaboration across genres, create new standards and dismantle existing power structures in the audience's meeting with contemporary classical music.

The concert programme includes:

1. Friggs Bøn (1998) from FUTH

2. Die Liebe (2014) from Operatic Actions.

3. Le Vision (1999)

4. SAILOR (1999)

5. DAUGHTER (2008) Vox:Dox

6. Child versus Judge, Human og Mater from the opera Stabat Mater (2009)

7. Born of Rape (2013) from SPLIT.

8. #ifwarisanindustryhowcantherebepeace (2018) from enTmenschT

9. Angel, Minne og Coffee (2009) from Anorexia Sacra

Line Tjørnhøj · Portrait Concert

12 September, 15.00Ny musik i Birkerød, Mantziussalen, Birkerød (DK)

Performed by Marte Schau, Louise Gorm, Mika Persdotter, Lea Brøndal Sound by Cecilie Sadolin

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