Line Tjørnhøj World premiere

Line Tjørnhøj often deals with themes that are unfamiliar in the contemporary music scene. She creates deeply expressive music for tense moral and social dilemmas, thereby giving a voice to tabooed people and subjects. Her new work SPRING is premiered at KLANG Festival 2022 with four performances in Copenhagen on 11 & 12 June

Line Tjørnhøj's new work, SPRING is at once a work of sound art, a piece of musical drama, a ritual feast, an act of activism, a virtual 3D experience, an NFT, a tribute to nature and a portrait of Secretary-General of DanChurchAid, Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen.

Tjørnhøj herself describes the work as follows: “SPRING is a work that highlights the activist aspect of sound art. The woman, technology, and the climate. In this work, these three elements mix with each other as a common symbol of the present we are part of and the future we want to – and should – create. A future where our individualism must retreat, and where new technologies are continuing to gain ground – hopefully along with women's rights and the fight against climate change.”

Hear Line Tjørnhøj elaborate on her work process and the thoughts behind SPRING in the radio programme 'På værkstedet' - in Danish - here >>

SPRING is created in collaboration with human ecologist, food stylist and performer Michelle Appelros, the crypto artist eikmoen.eth and the production house MANND, which specializes in creating digital Extended Reality experiences. This team's impressive range testifies to a work that draws on an incredible number of different forms of expression – not as an act of scattershot inclusivity, but as an acknowledgement of the fact that it sometimes requires a search beyond the classic distinctions between disciplines to tackle difficult new issues.

SPRING aims to answer the question of how we as individualists get the strength to change the needs we have acquired and help the world instead of helping ourselves?

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