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LISBON FLOOR wins Reumert Award

Matias Vestergård's opera LISBON FLOOR wins this year's Reumert as opera of the year.

The Reumert Award is the most prestigious Danish award celebrating excellence in Danish theatre.

"Composer Matias Vestergård and librettist Lea Marie Løppenthin created whimsical timbres and bewildered dialogue, sung as a whirlwind of morbid comedy and weird sensitivity," the Reumert jury states.

Matias Vestergård’s Lisbon Floor is a dark and funny horror opera that takes place in a run-down luxury skyscraper. The ensemble of characters who have moved onto the Lisbon floor includes, among others, a bitter academic, a woman who is very into the role-playing game Warhammer and the couple Alex and Alex, who take turns carrying their future child in an external womb. They end up in numerous comic entanglements and at the same time have to deal with houseplants that start to grow uncontrollably and the strange mould stains that appear as faces on the walls. 
LISBON FLOOR was premiered at Copenhagen Opera Festival in August 2022.

Besides from the award as Opera of the Year, the mezzo-soprano Sophie Haagen received a Reumert Talent award for her performance in LISBON FLOOR. 

"Her powerful voice impressed not only in the transformation from introverted bookworm to enraged avenger. It was also full of promise for the future,” the jury said.