Løffler premiere at Ultima

The Norwegian ensemble asamisimasa will be joined on stage by mechanical birds, when they premiere Simon Løffler’s ‘Singvögel’ at Oslo’s Ultima festival

Simon Løffler
 often works with egnimatic constructions, embracing traditional instruments (transformed in various ways) as well as novel instrumental concepts. 

‘Singvögel’ is conceived under the spell of such different traits as various post-humanistic texts, intricate machine construction, small children trying to copy simple tactile actions, and the subtle movements of some of the most fragile parts of the human body. 

The new piece gathers musicians and mechanical birds into one single flock performing its very own music.

Asamisimasa specializes in avant-garde and contemporary music, and the ensemble has premiered numerous cross-media works. ‘Singvögel’ will be premiered at a concert exploring the implementation of sculptural elements in new music, also featuring the piece ‘Oh, I See’ by German composer Carola Bauckholt.

Tuesday, September 18, 21:00 
Ultima Festival, Oslo (NO)
Performed by asamisimasa
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