Løffler's 'b' in London

The Copenhagen-based ensemble NEKO3 will perform Løffler's 'b' at the hot spot for new music in London cafe OTO on Monday 1 October.

NEKO3 Photo: Niklas Ottander / konsfoto

NEKO3 has been invited to participate in two days of workshops and discussion on new chamber music coached by Antoine Françoise and Patrick Stadler from the internationally renowned Ensemble Nikel. 

The workshops are organised by the concert series Kammer Klang and it all culminates in a concert at Café OTO, and to commemorate the UK debut, NEKO3 we'll present Simon Løffler's 'b'.

Ensemble Nikel already know the music of Simon Løffler. They have performed his piece 'Dreamwork' at this year's Darmstadt and Gaudeamus, and it is also scheduled for a concert in Tel Aviv in 2019.

Simon Løffler: 'b'
Monday 1 October, 19:00
Cafe Oto Project Space, London (UK)