Love is a racing car, says Klejs & Rønsholdt

This weekend the Danish ensemble Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen kick starts the annual festival Athelas New Music Festival. The festival runs from May 27 to June 4 and stars some of Denmark's best skilled ensembles, soloists, performers and composers. This year's theme is Danish and German music, theatre and literature.

Thursday June 2 the duo Klejs & Rønsholdt gives the audience an opportunity to have a look inside the laboratory of the artists at work with their piece Racer, which is a preliminary study for the upcoming spectacular work LoveRacer. The work is the most personal and autobiographical work from the duo so far. Klejs & Rønsholdt explains: "Love is a racing car, and all through life we struggle to control the pumping horse power."

Racer is an aesthetic examination of the wish to have full access to the mind, thoughts and feelings of the beloved. Klejs & Rønsholdt have put themselves behind the wheel of the racing car of love and the audience is in for a high-speed journey!

In addition to Racer Klejs & Rønsholdt's works Unter den Lidern and Archeopteryx X will be performed at the festival by Athelas players. Klejs & Rønsholdt will also be live-remixing video and sound recordings from the opera Inside Your Mouth, Sucking The Sun.

Signe Klejs - concept and visual design
Niels Rønsholdt - concept and music

Peter Sheppard Skærved - violin
Morgan Goff - viola
Tobias van der Pals - cello
Meherban Gillet - double bass