Mads Emil Dreyer at IRCAM Forum

Mads Emil Dreyer is represented at the IRCAM Forum 2022 with video presentations of two of his works: Bølger and Lys 3

IRCAM Forum is an annual meeting for sound and music professionals. Through workshops, conferences and concerts, the forum facilitates the sharing of knowledge on acoustical and musical research around the technologies developed at IRCAM - Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique.

Mads Emil Dreyer often sets up a dialogue between electroacoustic and acoustic entities in his music. Sometimes, electronics are deployed to counterbalance music with vision, presenting sound and image as two sides of the same process. Two works by Dreyer will be presented at IRCAM Forum.

In 2022, the IRCAM Forum is organized in collaboration with NYU and it takes place in New York from September 30 to October 3. The 2022 forum revolves around the themes of interaction and sound design. It will address topics such as sound processing and spatialization, artificial intelligence, improvisation, collective interaction, soundscapes and sonification.

Bølger is a solo piece for video and sine wave synthesizer. 

Bølger performed by Lorenzo Colombo, Copenhagen 2020

Lys 3 is a solo piece for crotales, 16 light bulbs and electronics. 

Lys 3 performed by Kalle Hakosalo, Copenhagen 2020.

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