Mads Emil Dreyer World Premiere

HAV Duo will premiere Mads Emil Dreyer's piece 'Miniature 4' Thursday 9 May in Copenhagen.

Miniature 4 was commissioned by HΛV, a Nordic flute and guitar duo exploring the connection between climate change and new music.

The duo invited five Nordic composers from different countries and different stages of their lives to expresses their own concern about one environmental challenge, which their home country is facing.

Mads Emil Dreyer writes about Miniature 4:

"When I started working on this piece, my plan was to use samples of real sound from industrial machines as a material template for the music. The plan was also that I would use small miniature instruments combined with simple electronic sound. So the two sound sources had to merge into one, and in that way I wanted to turn the acoustic instruments into a kind of electroacoustic hybrids. The central idea of this instrumentation was to let the electronic and the acoustic, the non-human and the human meet in one unifying sound source.

As I went on with the work, the idea of the real sounds of the industrial machines gradually disappeared further and further away from the sketch pad. I was instead gripped by sitting and cutting small recordings of the miniature instruments together on the computer. However, I have stuck to the instrumentation plan, and the piece has therefore ended up as a series of short movements for combined miniature chimes, micro-guitar, melodicas and in addition MIDI-keyboards that send sine tones out through speaker components mounted on the small acoustic instruments.

I therefore hope that the piece nevertheless shows a fusion of the human and the mechanical, the organic and the inorganic, the acoustic and the electronic, and also shows how these clashes can erase the identities of the original sound sources and instead form new electroacoustic hybrid sounds."

Mads Emil Dreyer's piece Miniature 4 is written for two performers playing on a miniature glockenspiel, a guitarlele, two melodicas and two MIDI keyboards.  Following the premiere in Copenhagen, the piece is scheduled for performances in Sweden, Åland, Finland and the Faroe Islands. 

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