Marcela Lucatelli world premiere

On 11 March 2022 Marcela Lucatelli takes the stage in DR Koncerthuset together with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra for the world premiere of her work 'RGBW'.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra premieres Marcela Lucatelli's RGBW on 11 March. The composer joins the orchestra on stage as performer, and we asked her a few questions about the work.

How would you describe the work?

"RGBW sets the raw organic voice and the sublime orchestral machine into perspective, through the energetic meeting between the squared and the curvy, the carnivalesque and the austere, giving multiple synaesthetic shapes to an overwhelming sensorial, ever-frictioning mosaic. The orchestra’s sonic material is based on a sonification of color patterns of Red, Green, Blue and White. Suddenly halfway through the piece, the composer and soloist enters the stage and adds an unexpected outburst of vocal challenge and visual performativity." 

What lies behind the title, RGBW?

"RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue and White, and it references the technology behind LED lights, pixel color combinations and the production of images on our everyday screens."

How did you work with the orchestral format?

"I have worked with the orchestra as an untamable beast, but departing from the post-industrial perception of the orchestral organism as a machine tracing back to the colonial plantation - though always somewhat dysfunctional and structurally inviting the formation of new relations between and beyond its elements." 

Are there elements in RGBW, that you have developed further in other works?

"RGBW carries elements that articulate my radical interest in a polyphony of aesthetic layers by the way of both historic and contemporary culture, such as using technologies of AI, parametrics/indeterminacy and machine learning in sonification, and setting performative solo and micro-improvisations against and together thoroughly pre-composed parts." 


Marcela Lucatelli's RGBW will be performed in the DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday 11 March 2022 at 19.30. The concert is a collaboration between DR and the Royal Danish Academy of Music's annual festival PULSAR. The programme of the evening includes the premiere of Adrianna Kubica-Cypek's work Reflection Nebulae, Evagoras Solias Apokidis’ Morphes and the Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen's TRIO.