Martin Stauning essay: “I kiss catastrophes”

Martin Stauning has written an essay on his working process during the corona period and the composer's relationship to music.

Martin Stauning in Magasinet Klassisk no. 57

In the 57th edition of Magasinet Klassisk, Martin Stauning reflects on his working process during the corona period. He elaborates on his thoughts on the composer's relationship to music, which according to him “doesn't care about other catastrophes than its own”. He states:

“Like a virus, music infects our hearts, our intellect, and our lives, and if it encounters immunological resistance, it will mutate with greater or less haste”. 

Martin is currently working on a harp concerto commissioned by The National Danish Symphony Orchestra to be premiered by Zackary Hatcher at the beginning of 2021.

Edition·S interviewed Martin on the compositional process a couple of weeks ago where he elaborated on his Harp Concerto. Watch the interview here