Martin Stauning receives the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby grant

The H.C. Lumbye / Agerby foundation has selected Martin Stauning as the recipient of this year's award of DKK 50.000.

Foto: Jakob Boserup

The board of the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby foundation considers Martin Stauning to be one of the most notable composers of his generation and motivates the grant as follows:

"The grant is given in the spirit of the founders, H.C. Lumbye and Aksel Agerby. That is to an artist who works on a level of high artistic quality, is not afraid of the new, but at the same time manages to approach a large and wide-ranging audience.

In Martin Stauning the board has found a highly worthy recipient of the grant. His music always has an immediate and sensuous quality and Stauning creates music both with an edge and appeal. The curious listener is rewarded with a journey into a personal and atmospheric musical universe embracing a quiet poetry, violent and rugged gestures and creaking repetitions."

The grant is given on 13 April at the premiere of Stauning's orchestra work 'Liminality' performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

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