Martin Stauning selected for The International Rostrum of Composers

DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has chosen Martin Staunings piece "Verdorrte Räume" as this year’s Danish contribution to The International Rostrum of Composers (IRC).

IRC is an annual forum organized by the International Music Council where broadcasting representatives from more than thirty national radio networks meet to exchange pieces of contemporary classical music.

Delegates from each country present a work by a contemporary composer, and after sessions of listening and debating, the delegates agree on the selected work of the year, and recommend a number of other works.

The selected and recommended works are likely to be broadcast or played in concerts sponsored by the participating networks and hereby reach a big international audience.

Martin Stauning’s work Verdorrte Räume is an ensemble piece written for Ensemble Modern, who premiered it at the KLANG Festival 2015.

Hear Martin Stauning talk about the idea behind Verdorrte Räume in this video, produced by Athelas Sinfonietta.